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  • Aristides Zenonos

View my recent publication "Direct inversion of S‐P differential arrival‐times for ratio in SE Asia"

Tomographic results for P and S wave velocity at 60, 160, and 260 km depth along with d(Vp/Vs) obtained from inversion of S-P arrival times. Yellow triangles in the top right panel denote Holocene volcanoes. Note: dVp, dVs, and d(Vp/Vs) are plotted relative to their respective 1-D background depth average.

View my recently published article titled "Direct inversion of S‐P differential arrival‐times for ratio in SE Asia". The main findings of the study are summarised below:

•New Vp/Vs model of the upper mantle beneath SE Asia is obtained through direct inversion of S-P differential body wave arrival times • The northern limit of the Australian continent is marked by negative d(Vp/Vs) which contrasts with positive d(Vp/Vs) below the Sunda arc to the west • Positive d(Vp/Vs) beneath the northern Banda Arc collision zone is likely caused by serpentinization and/or highly pressurized fluids

You can find my publication here (Open Access)

#seismology #inversion #tomography #geophysics

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